Off the Chain

As the owners of Rocket Dog, we are frequently asked “Aren’t you guys a franchise?” and “Wait, you’re not a chain?”

Nope.  We are a Mom n’ Pop establishment.  In fact we are two moms and two pops that share a passion for bomb food, great drinks, and a desire to make an (ever)lasting impact on our community.

Here is a look at how we got started in the spring and summer of 2015…

Kevin, Sarah, Bethany, and Gary 3/14/15

Kevin, Sarah, Bethany, and Gary 3/14/15

Exactly one year ago, our friends tasted our creations and helped us narrow them down to the ones that appear on the menu today!

Speaking of the menu, we enlisted the help of our friend at Froese Photography to take the menu pictures.  He gave us his time, talent, and the digital images.  In exchange we let him eat the models!


Next we leveraged our friendship with Jamie the Builder to help us design and build the dining room tables and the patio’s lattice work.


Then we got our brushes and started…


We painted the exterior of the building, we painted the gates, we painted the awnings, we painted the signs, we painted the reclaimed wood for the walls…


There were many other things we did before we could open and many other friends who helped us along the way.  Like our favorite Mountain Man, Louie (who did so much more than eat lunch, I just don’t have pictures!)


When the dust settled and the paint fumes dissipated, we were ready to bring Fresno our best!  So, no we aren’t a chain; but we are off the chain (and so are our friends!)


<3 B