Rocket Dog was born out of the friendship of two young Fresno families. We are all about food, fun, and responsibility. But how can food be fun and responsible? I’m glad you asked…


Our menu is comprised of quality, fresh local ingredients delivered in a convenient way. Whether you are in the mood for fresh crisp salads or sausages stacked with all the fixin’s, we’ve got you covered.

We built our menu around providing foods that are natural, delicious, and locally sourced. We offer fresh, handmade, nitrate, preservative, and mystery-meat-free sausages crafted by our friends at The Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market on Fresno State Meats Lab located in Fresno, CA, and our Chicken Sausages are from US Food.

We feature a rotation of the freshest, most innovative craft beer proudly made here in our beautiful Golden State, and we serve fine wine, produced just down the street at Fresno State University. We also offer a number of delicious gluten-free and vegetarian menu choices. Hey you with the “alternative diet!” You heard right, you don’t have to settle for flavorless, over-priced rabbit food!


We here at Rocket Dog are also pretty sure that all this buzzword-heavy food can be fun, too. Ben Franklin had something to say (allegedly) about the existence of beer and our happiness, and since beer was created to pair with food, the food absolutely has to make us happy, too.

It’s not rocket science. At Rocket Dog, you’ll always find fresh, innovative and exciting flavor combinations that pair perfectly with your new favorite local brew. We pride ourselves on our fearless, unconventional (and sometimes unapologetic) creations.

For us, success involves you ending your Rocket Dog experience with a full belly, a smile on your face, and maybe a little Sriracha mayo on your shirt.


We have a responsibility to YOU. We take our responsibility to feed your family with quality, nutritious, pronounceable ingredients seriously. We will always provide a safe, clean environment for you to relax, and healthy, delicious options on the menu.

We have a responsibility to OUR COMMUNITY. We are team Fresno. We believe that locally owned small business is good for Fresno’s economy, and therefore good for the families that live their lives in our city. We believe in teamwork and the mutual support of our fellow small businesses. In addition to supporting the local economy, we are invested in the community. A portion of our profits are given to non-profits right here in Fresno. We’d love to help your non-profit raise funds and awareness! And we strive to support the next generation of Fresnans by providing a great working environment. Seriously, just try to frown while serving up a great brat and a fizzy beer. Join our team!

We have a responsibility to OUR PLANET.

To our (admittedly limited) knowledge, planet Earth is the only location IN THE UNIVERSE where one can enjoy a bratwurst and a beer. Really puts things into perspective, huh? So Rocket Dog does its part by using recyclable supplies and making sure recyclables don’t end up in a landfill.

Grab a bite and jet back to your busy life, or cool your jets over a few brews. We will provide a clean, comfortable and fun space for you to enjoy. Come in and let our Rocket Dog staff take care of you!



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